Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Early beginnings with the Falklands Campaign

Last week was seen by many as one of the worst which the Coalition has presided over. This week’s front pages are rightly shared with commemorative stories of the Falklands. Not only is it thirty years since the conflict, it‘s also thirty years since AFF was founded as the Federation of Army Wives’ Clubs and the Spring Journal gives you an excellent account of those early years through to our rise as the well-respected voice of the Army family.

In the meantime coalition messaging is chaotic and seems to be achieving precisely the opposite of what it’s designed to deliver. Austerity measures endure and nostalgic posters are de-rigueur. News that Service personnel were to drive the fuel tankers, if a strike were called, has AFF’s Comms team wondering whether we should offer to help out too - perhaps with the government’s public information campaign? After all, like any good Army wife, I can spin a yarn or two.

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