Thursday, 11 April 2013

Busy time at AFF!

Thanks in part to the campaigning work of AFF, new rules have now been brought in covering Get You Home (Overseas) Allowance, School Children's Visits and Concessionary Travel for Families. The rules were introduced on Feb 1 2013.
Get You Home Allowance (Overseas)
Now the GYH (O) allowance can be claimed even if the serving person is not on leave. The serving soldier does not have to travel as part of the family for journeys to the UK. In addition, a spouse who is not from the UK can set their GYH (O) allowance against the cost of returning to their home country.
Service Children's Visits
Parents claiming CEA can now claim for a journey by car, in addition to the previous travel by train or plane. For more details please contact Lucy Scott, AFF Education and Childcare Specialist at or Diane Weir, Director AFF Germany at

Concessionary Travel for Families
Non-UK spouses can now use their CTF entitlement against standard-class travel to their home country. For more on these allowances, please see the DIN, or contact Caroline Mayne, AFF Employment, Training, Allowances and Money Specialist

Excellence for Forces Children Award
The Service Premium is extra Government money available to state primary and secondary schools in England, which is intended to help children from Service families cope with issues around moving, operational tours or separation.

AFF is asking parents to nominate their child's school if the school has used their Service Premium cash in a good way. For full details of the award and the prizes, visit Excellence for Forces Children.

AFF Roadshows 2013
The Army Families Federation will be taking to the road this summer so you can ask Army bosses questions on the issues important to you.
The day will start at 9.30am. You can pick up goodies and information from stand-holders - including representatives from local authorities. There will also be a question-and-answer style panel, where you can ask questions about Army life which matter to you! For full details visit AFF Roadshows 2013.

The AFF Germany Families' Conference - Thursday 27th June 2013, Herford
Do you have questions or concerns about your quality of life in BFG (British Forces Germany)? Are you interested in what the future holds for Army families in Germany and Western Europe? Would you like to know more about allowance cuts, redundancy and the drawdown of troops? If so, why not come to the AFF Germany Families' Conference 2013? It's your chance to say what you think and hear what senior Army personnel have to say in response. It's fun, informative and free - we even give you lunch! Full details at AFF Germany Families' Conference 2013

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